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Immersive Live Blackjack Games to Play

Live blackjack games give players the chance for premium and immersive live casino experiences from the comfort of their own home. At Prime Casino, we’re proud to offer best live table, and live dealer games, such as live blackjack, live-streamed in HD quality to any device of your choosing.

Sometimes simply referred to as 21, blackjack is a game with a long and exciting history and advancements to technology mean that in the 21st century players can enjoy both traditional and experimental blackjack games 24/7.

If you’d like to play live blackjack, then keep reading to learn everything you need to know to get started.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack Variations You Can Play

Live blackjack comes in many exciting variations, with each developer adding their own flair or twist on the iconic formula. Top variations include the following:

Azure Blackjack

Azure Blackjack

Released in 2020 by Pragmatic Play, Azure Blackjack is a 24/7 live blackjack game which includes side bets like perfect pairs, 21+3, and bet behind. With just 10 seconds for betting between rounds, Azure Blackjack keeps players engaged.

Silver Blackjack

Live Blackjack

Evolution Gaming released Blackjack Silver in 2018. With high table limits, players with more expansive budgets will enjoy this live blackjack variant. The side bet options Bet Behind, Perfect Pair, and 21+3 are featured in this game.

VIP Blackjack

VIP blackjack

Also released in 2018 by Evolution, VIP Blackjack is a live blackjack game reserved for high rollers.

Speed Blackjack

Speed blackjack

Speed Blackjack from Pragmatic Play is designed to cut to the chase and minimise any dead time. Games in Speed Blackjack are played 30-40% faster than standard live blackjack variants.

Lightning Blackjack

Lightning blackjack

Evolution’s Lightning Blackjack fuses the traditional experience with random Lightning Card multipliers to heighten the excitement and potential for significant round wins.

Live Blackjack vs. Online and Traditional Blackjack

While online blackjack and live blackjack both take their inspiration from the traditional blackjack played in brick-and-mortar casinos, they are very different subsections of the blackjack genre which new players often get confused by. The table below compares the core elements of traditional blackjack, online blackjack, and live blackjack.

AspectTraditional BlackjackOnline BlackjackLive Blackjack
ExperienceAs it takes place in a real-world casino, the traditional blackjack experience involves all 5 senses.A completely virtual game and interface is used and can be played on all devices.Blackjack rounds are played in real-time, and live-streamed in HD video quality with players able to interact with one another as well as the dealer via live chat.
FeaturesThe choice of blackjack games is limited to the floorspace/specialisation of the casino.Players can instantly enjoy a broad range of variations and can customise their user experience.Emphasis on social gameplay, with an engaging host, interactive elements, and live chat.
GameplayGameplay involves face-to-face interaction with a real-world dealer and actual playing cards.No real-world graphics, instead players take part in a computer-generated version which includes automated dealing and shuffling (made fair by RNG software).The gameplay is designed to closely emulate real-world experiences. The gameplay can be viewed from multiple camera angles. All gameplay is live and in real-time, with a physical dealer and cards.
Unique AspectsFeatures the staple elements of the game, physical cards, chips used for wagers, limited tablespaces and the overall casino atmosphere.Online blackjack is incredibly accessible. As its gameplay is usually solo, all players need to do is select the game they want to play, make their wager and start playing.Live interactions with the dealer and fellow players. Many games have unique elements such as multipliers and bonus rounds.
ConveniencePlayers will need to block out the time to physically visit the casino and can only play during the casino's opening hours.Players can access online blackjack games whenever and wherever they like across all devices.Live blackjack offers players the authentic experience seen in traditional blackjack, with the convenience and accessibility of online blackjack.
Human InteractionPlayers interact in person with both the dealer and other players.Some online blackjack games offer a solitary gaming experience, while others may give limited interaction through a chat feature.Social aspects are encouraged by the dealer. Players can use a live chat system to talk to both the dealer and fellow players.
Security and TrustPhysical locations have to adhere to local licensing rules. Players can see the dealer shuffling and dealing cards with their own eyes.Can be played at established, licensed and regulated online casinos with all games using random number generation and third-party testing to ensure fairness.The multi-angle HD live video stream gives people the same peace of mind as playing traditional blackjack and also can be played at the same trustworthy online casinos that online blackjack can be played at, and of course like the others, this type of blackjack game is licensed and regulated as well, undergoing third-party testing to ensure fairness.

Bet Types & Payouts

Live blackjack has pretty simple wagering types of traditional blackjack. There are only 3 payout options during the main game, plus a variety of side bets.

Double Down

During play, a player may opt to double down. By doing this they double their wager and receive one more card before they have to stand.

Payout: 1:1
(Rookies make the mistake of thinking that a double-down bet increases the payout ratio, instead all it does is increase the value of the stake and therefore the overall 1:1 value). 


The player achieves a total of 21 with their first two cards (via an ace and a face card)

The payout for this can vary between games. A common payout is 3:2

Winning Hand

The player's hand has a higher value than the dealers'.

Payout: 1:1


In 21+3 bets, the dealer's face-up card and the player's first two cards are used. Like in poker, these are predicated on the likelihood that these three cards will make various combinations. In blackjack, for instance, a flush side wager is made when all three face-up cards—your two and the dealer's one—will be of the same suit. This result yields a 5:1 payout. Additional 21+3 side bets are the Straight, which pays 10:1, the Three of a Kind, which pays 30:1, the Straight Flush, which pays 40:1, and the Suited Three of a Kind, which pays 100:1.

Flush: 5:1
Straight: 10:1
Three of a Kind: 30:1
Straight Flush: 40:1
Suited Three of a Kind: 100:1

Super Sevens

This is a blackjack wager on the number of consecutive sevens in your hand. A seven yields a 3:1 payout. If the suits of the two sevens are different, they pay 50:1, but if they match, they pay 100:1. The reward is 500:1 for unmatched suits and 5000:1 for matching suits if you decide to hit and are dealt a third seven.

One Seven: 3:1
Two Sevens (Different Suits): 50:1
Two Sevens (Same Suits): 100:1
Three Sevens (Different Suits): 500:1
Three Sevens (Same Suits): 5000:1

Perfect Pair

A mixed pair (same rank but different colours) has odds of 5:1, a coloured pair (different numbers but same colour) has odds of 10:1, and a perfect pair (same colour and rank) has odds of 30:1.

Mixed Pair: 5:1
Coloured Pair: 10:1
Perfect Pair: 30:1

Royal Match

This is a blackjack bet that your first cards will be the King and Queen of the same suit. When playing a single deck, a Royal Match pays out at a ratio of 10:1, and when playing a multi-deck game, the payout is 25:1.

Single Deck: 10:1
Multi-Deck: 25:1

Over/Under 13

This blackjack side bet concerns whether the combined value of your hand's initial two cards will be greater than or less than 13, with an Ace counting as one and a value of 13 typically nullifying the wager.


Easy Match

This blackjack bet is that the first two cards you get will be of the same suit. In a single-deck game, the payout is usually 3:1; in a multi-deck game, it is usually 5:2.

Single Deck: 3:1
Multi-Deck: 5:2


An insurance bet can be made by a player if they think the dealer will get a blackjack and the dealer's face-up card is an Ace.

Payout: 2:1
(with a maximum wager of half the players' current stake)

Top Live Blackjack Game Providers

At Prime Casino, we’ve partnered with the most innovative and well-loved developers to ensure you have the best live blackjack experience. Just some of the top providers we partner with are mentioned below.


Evolution Game Provider

Evolution is currently the king of live casino gameplay. Most known for their game show releases, Evolution has also created premier live table games. Their flagship series is the ‘Lightning’ series including titles such as Lightning Blackjack where traditional blackjack gameplay has been given the all-star treatment, played in a high-production value studio. The Lightning feature adds random multipliers to wagers each round.


Pragmatic Game Provider

Pragmatic have a long history in the casino industry, but are really starting to make a name for themselves in the live casino niche. Pragmatic is known for adding small twists to classic casino gameplay to enhance player experience. For example in Speed Blackjack - Emerald games are played far faster than traditional blackjack rounds, making it ideal for those wanting to cut to the chase and just start playing.

Stakelogic Live

Stakelogic Game provider

Stakelogic Live is a relative newcomer to the live casino world, but has already released a few games including live blackjack. Their premier experience Blackjack Classic gives players blackjack gameplay in its purest form from the comfort of your own home.


Playtech Game ProviderPlaytech is a pioneer in the live casino world. In All Bets Blackjack players can make six different side bets including those mentioned above as well as Buster Blackjack, Progressive Blackjack and Lucky Lucky. Players can wager on up to 3 hands at once.

Even More Live Casino Games to Explore

Live casino experiences aren’t just reserved for live blackjack, there are so many live tables and game shows to explore. What will you discover at Prime Casino?

Live Roulette

Live Roulette

The roulette wheel is a spectacle of real-world and live casinos, and live roulette games have been given the star treatment. Taking place in flashy sets, or deluxe gaming rooms, live roulette experiences run the gamut of traditional gameplay to innovative almost game show-like renditions. Spin the wheels with our live roulette games.

Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a popular card game that has a dedicated fan base of players and with live baccarat new players are discovering this exciting card game. Players aim to guess who will have the better hand (you, the dealer, or a tie), making baccarat beginner friendly and engaging to play. Why not try out live baccarat for yourself?

Game Shows

Live Gameshow

Live game shows are unique to live casinos and let players become the stars of their own game shows. Many live game shows involve prize wheels and have flashy themes and entertaining bonus games. Will you have an entertaining time like no other? Try out live game shows to find out.

Live Poker

Live Poker

Poker is an iconic card game that can be enjoyed at live casinos. See if you can outwit your opponents and bluff your way to the pot with all the popular variants such as stud, community, and draw poker 24/7 from any device you like. Try your luck with our live poker games.

Live Blackjack FAQs

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